About Us

www.vetcos.com is aimed to benefit the veterinary students and the veterinary alumni community of Kerala. The site is designed and uploaded by alumni is run by the support provided by the active members of the site. The site epitomizes unity among vets and thrives for it.  Vetcos team expresses  sincere gratitude to Dr. P.G. Nair, former Dean, COVAS, who inaugurated  the website and Prof. E. Nanu, former Dean, COVAS, Mannuthy, for the support provided to us all the way from launch of the site. We also extend our heartfelt thanks for the immense help provided by the Veterinary Alumni Association of Kerala (VAAK). The monetary help from Indian Association of Woman Veterinarians,  is also thanked sincerely.

Editorial Board

Dr. B. Sunil (1984) ashlal2000@yahoo.com
Dr. Binoj C. Nair (1996) bcnair@gmail.com
Dr. Mahesh M. (1997) maheshm97@yahoo.com
Dr. Anish D. (1997) danishvet@gmail.com

Active Members

Dr. John Kuruvilla (1964)
Dr. Devada K. (1979)


We sincerely acknowledge the immense help extended by Dr. Devada K. (Dept of Parasitology), Dr. Lucy Sabu (Dept of Parasitology), Dr. Rajkamal P. J. (Dept. of Extension), Dr. Bishor V. I. (1993 batch, who gave us the this great idea), Dr. Arun Sathian (1995 batch), Dr. Deepak Mathew (1997 batch) and Dr. Jayant Govindan (1997 batch) who extended help from Mannuthy during the launch of the website, and the staff of ARIS Cell, COVAS. The help from the members of ‘Kalpakam’ (Ethnic Kerala Mess, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, where vetcos spent its infanthood) is deeply acknowledged.

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