Animal Genetics Questionbank -1

Contributed by:
Dr.Bejoy John
Division of Animal Genetics
I.V.R.I, Izatnagar, Bareilly,
UP 243122

1. Scientist who coined the term Genetics
2. What is the contribution of Wilhem Johanssen to Genetics?
3. Theory of pangenesis was proposed by ————
4. The concept of Genotype and Phenotype was introduced by —–
5. Chromosome theory of heredity was proposed by
6. Germ plasm theory was put forward by
7. The nationality of Gregor Mendel who is regarded as “father of genetics”
8. In 1900, Mendel’s work were rediscovered by ——-
9. Law of Segregation is also known as——-
10. Human blood group type is an example of —–
11. —— and ——- are two recessive traits that are inherited.
12. What is the ratio due to double recessive epistasis?
13. Linkage was first observed by——— in sweet pea.
14. Crossing over occurs in the ——— stage of meiosis.
15. Chromosome number in fowl is ———
16. Epistasis works at—— level where as Dominance always work at the ——level
17. What is penetrance ?
18. The degree to which a genotype is expressed phenotypically is called
19. Name the scientist who first discovered chromosomes
20. Who coined the term Chromosomes?
21. The organelle from which the r-RNA is synthesized
22. Metacentric chromosomes assume which shape?
23. Pairing of the homologous chromosomes takes place at ——- stage
24. Coiled filament that runs throughout the length of the chromosome is called
25. Darkly stained regions of  the chromosomes at prophase is called —-
26. Sex chromatin are rich in —————–
27. Where are Lampbrush chromosomes found?
28. The Octate structure in the nucleosome consists of —-
29. Balbiani rings or Chromosomal puffing are present in———–
30. Interphase of the cell cycle consists of ———
31. Complete synaptonemal complex is found in which stage?
32. Sythesis of DNA is completed in —–stage of Meiosis
33. The unit representing a map unit between the linked gene……
34. Phenomenon by which crossing over in one region suppresses crossing over in adjacent region—-
35. What is coefficient of coincidence ?
36. —– is measured using coefficient of coincidence ?
37. In fowl females are heterogametic T / F
38. Barred plumage in poultry is a type of —-
39. Genic balance theory of sex determination was proposed by ——-
40. —– confirms the presence of barr body in female somatic cells.
41. ——-syndrome which is caused by deletion of short arm of chromosome no 5
42. Point mutation was first noticed by ——- in Ancon sheep?
43. World’s first chromosome map was produced by——-
44. The no . of chromosomes in Drosophila is ——–
45. Haploid-Diploid type of sex determination is seen in ———
46. In Drosophila sex is determined by the ratio of X chromosome to ——–
47. Polyploids created by chromosome duplication is called ——–
48. The presence of extra chromosome sets in a cell is called as ————-
49. which is the stain used for G banding—-
50. The chart of images of chromosomes is called ———-

1.William Bateson
2.Coined ‘allele’ and ‘genes’
4.W Johanssen
5.W S Sutton
8.Hugo de Vries, Carl Correns Eric von Tschermack
9.Law of purity of gametes
10.Multiple alleles
11.Alkaptonuria and Phenylketonuria
13.Bateson and Punnet
16.Intergenic, Intragenic
17. % of individuals with a given genotypes which exhibits the related phenotypes.
22.“ V “ shape
23. Zygotene
27. Primary oocytes of amphibians and spermatocyte of Drosophila.
28. Two molecules each of H2A, H2B, H3 and H4.
29.Salivary gland cells of Drosophila.
30.G1, S and G2
35.% of observed cross overs/ % of expected crossovers (RATIO)
36. Degree of interference
38.Sex linked character
40.Lyon’s hypothesis
41.Cridu-chat syndrome
42.Seth Wright
43.Alfred Sturtevant
45.Honey bees and wasps

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