Dr Elsie Damien

Dear Alumni,

I have joined Kerala Veterinary College in 1976 and graduated in 1980 and was the Ladies hostel secretary during 1978-79 and ever since lost touch with Mannuthy! Since 1983, after marriage, I have been settled in UK, got 2 daughters, 21 and 15 yrs. Attached is a family photo from my elder daughter’s engagement (UK, Nov 2005) and the wedding is in Sept 2006 in UK.

Dr Elsie Damien, 56 Hertford Road, Essex, IG2 7HE, England, UK.

I have attained 3 Masters degrees, Chartered and PhD (all from University of London and all in human medicine) while working as an academic, conducting research and teaching at Vet school (RVC) and medical school (UCL) in the last 20 yrs. During this period authored over 100 peer reviewed articles, wrote many chapters in orthopaedic and material science text books, presented internationally in over 80 conferences, given lectures (orthopaedics, material science and bone biology) in CA, NY, MN, New Orleans, LA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, UK, etc etc and travelled all over the world, except African continent, visited India 14 times; currently joined the ministry as a senior civil servant/consultant (orthopaedics) in Dept of Health, UK.

Warm wishes for a happy, peaceful and blessed 2006 to all, especially to all of 1976 batch.

Love and regards,
Dr Elsie Damien, UK.
Email: edamien77@hotmail.com

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