Dr. Thankam Mathew

Dr. Thankam Mathew M.V.Sc., Ph.D., FISCD. Managing Director, Thajema Publishers, New Jersey, USA.

 My Dear Alumni,

 I am glad to inform you that in my family 3 members are associated with the Kerala Vet.College, as myself worked as Lecturer and my husband Dr. Z. Mathew and my daughter Dr. Taji Susan Abraham were graduated from Kerala Vet. College. I was the first Lady veterinarian, worked as Lecturer as early as 1958 in the Dept. of Anatomy and Histology with Dr.V Padmanabhan and Dr. Radhakrishna Kaimal as colleagues.

I choose Veterinary profession as I am fond of animals especially cats and dogs. When I took my sick cat to the Veterinary hospital at EKM, I inquired whether ladies will be admitted in veterinary colleges in India, the then Director of Animal Husbandry, Kerala State, Dr.Madhava Menon who happened to be there at that time, told me that Madras Veterinary college is admitting lady students – for the first time in India. Then as soon as I completed my B.Sc. in Botany from Maharaja’s college at EKM, I sent the application and got admission, inspite of getting a seat for M.Sc. in Botany at Benaras University. I graduated in flying colors from University of Madras with merit awards.

I joined Kerala Vet. College as Lecturer in 1958, as the first lady veterinarian of Kerala state. As there was no hostel for lady students, we were staying in YWCA, Trichur. I brought to the notice of the then Principal (Dean) Dr.M.N.Menon, the necessity of a ladies hostel. He agreed and started the hostel in one of the staff quarters very near the college with 8 lady students. I then worked as the first Warden of the Veterinary College Ladies hostel. As more lady students joined, the hostel was shifted to building where the college was first started in 1955. I worked as Ladies Hostel Warden till I left the college in 1963 for my higher studies. I was happy to see the new Priyadarshini ladies hostel when I visited the college later. Happy to inform that my daughter Dr. Taji Susan Abraham got the opportunity to stay in the new Priyadarshini hostel till she was graduated in 1991.

I am also glad to record that I was the first to receive Ph.D degree as early as 1967 among Lady veterinarians in India, in Virology and Immunology subjects working on Buffalopox Virus. I am also the first person to study and characterize the BP virus as the new entity of pox group of viruses related more to Vaccinia than to cow pox virus. Due to its zoonotic importance and great possibility of virus mutation, Scientists of CDC Atlanta, USA, showed interest in my work.

I also happened to be the first lady vet. in India, to establish a Publishing Co. – Thajema Publishers in 1987, with the financial assistance from the Science & Technolgy, and National Book Trust, Govt. of India. Now I continue Thajema Publishing in USA and published (edited and co authored) 5 books under the series “Advances in Medical and Veterinary Virology, Immunology and Epidemiology” The names of the books are listed below. 1)Cultivation and Immunological studies on pox group of viruses with special reference to Buffalo pox Virus-vol.1-1987 ISBN 0972759700.(2)Buffalopox Orthopox virus and its Zoonotic Importance-Vol.2-1993 ISBN0972759719 (3)Modern Concepts of Immunology in Veterinary Medicine-Poultry Immunology. Vol.3-2002.ISBN 0972759727,4)Zoonoses and the Contribution of Disease-Free Pets to Human Health-A Guide for Pet Owners Vol.4-2004.ISBN:0972759735.(5)Benefits of Herbs and Spices in Food-vol.5 2005.ISBN: 0972759743.

My hobbies are embroidery and cross stitching ,I made in some of the books the front coverpages and also embroidered some wall decorating frames with professional touch for some occasions eg. Dogs prayer, Cats prayer, graduation prayer etc.

Dr.Thankam Mathew( B.Sc.,M.V.Sc.,Ph.D..FISCD)
Managing Director,Thajema Publishers
31 Glenview DR,
West Orange, NJ 07052,
Tel / Fax: 973-731-6209
Email: thajema@aol.com

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