MCQ on Animal Biotechnology – C

Recombinant DNA technology

Prepared by: Dr Sajad Ahmad Beigh
M.V.Sc, Division of Animal Biotechnology, SKUAST-K

  1. Which of the following is not correct about type II restriction enzymes
    (a) Cut within or close to recognition sequence
    (b) Require Mg2+ as cofactor
    (c) Have separate endonuclease and methylase activities
    (d) Recognize palindromic sequences and produce only blunt ends
  2. Which was the first restriction enzyme to be discovered
    (a) AluI
    (b) HinfI
    (c) HindII
    (d) HindIII
  3. Restriction enzymes were isolated for the first time from which bacteria
    (a) Escherichia coli
    (b) Haemophilus Influenzae
    (c) Thermitis aquatics
    (d) Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
  4. Which of the following is the target sequence for EcoRI
    (a) 5’GAATTC3′ 3’CTTAAG5′
    (b) 5’GGATCC3′ 3’CCTAGG5′
    (c) 5’GGCC3′ 3’CCGG5′
    (d) 5’TCGA3′ 3’AGCT5′
  5. First genetically engineered product licensed for human use was
    (a) Somatotropin
    (b) Β-endorphins
    (c) Thyrotropin
    (d) Humalin
  6. First genetically engineered vaccine licensed for human use
    (a) Polio vaccine
    (b) Hepatitis B vaccine
    (c) Rabies vaccine
    (d) BCG vaccine
  7. Star activity is associated with which enzyme
    (a) DNA polymerase I
    (b) DNA polymerase II
    (c) DNA polymerase III
    (d) Type II restriction endonucleases
  8. Which of the following enzyme prevents recircularization of plasmid vectors
    (a) Alkaline phosphatases
    (b) T4 ligase
    (c) Polynuleotide kinase
    (d) Terminal deoxyribonucleotidyl transferase
  9. Which of the following is not desirable characteristic of a vector
    (a) Ability to carry foreign DNA
    (b) Suitable selectable marker
    (c) Easy to isolate and purify
    (d) Narrow host range
  10. Which of the following is genetically engineered plasmid
    (a) pUC8
    (b) TOL
    (c) RP4
    (d) pBR322
  11. Which of the following is true about pBR322
    (a) Most popular plasmid with 4362 bp
    (b) Bears replication module of E.coli
    (c) It has ampicillin and tetracycline resistant genes
    (d) All of the above
  12. Which of the following is not true about shuttle vectors
    (a) Constructed by rDNA technology
    (b) YEP is an E. coli base shuttle vector
    (c) Contain two origin of replications
    (d) Propagate only in prokaryotes
  13. Bacteriophages are better cloning vectors than plasmids due to
    (a) More efficient for large DNA fragments
    (b) Easy screening
    (c) Efficient for smaller fragments
    (d) Both a and b
  14. Which of following vectors have cohesive ends called cos site
    (a) Phage M13
    (b) λ phage vectors
    (c) YAC
    (d) BAC
  15. λ phage vectors are constructed by deleting which part of λ phage genome
    (a) Terminal lysogenic part
    (b) Middle lysogenic part
    (c) Terminal lytic part
    (d) Middle lytic part
  16. Which of following vector is suitable for cloning ssDNA
    (a) Phage M13
    (b) λ phage vectors
    (c) YAC
    (d) BAC
  17. Which of the following vectors is correctly matched according to correct base pairs they can clone
    (a) Plasmid—————45kb
    (b) Bacteriophage——24kb
    (c) Cosmid————-100kb
    (d) YAC—————-10kb

1.(d) 2.(c) 3.(b) 4.(a) 5.(d) 6.(b) 7.(d) 8.(a) 9.(d) 10.(d) 11.(d) 12.(d) 13.(d) 14.(b) 15.(b) 16.(a) 17.(b)

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