MCQ on Animal Biotechnology – E

Embryo Technology

Prepared by: Dr Sajad Ahmad Beigh
M.V.Sc, Division of Animal Biotechnology, SKUAST-K

  1. First mammal produced by IVF was
    (a) Calf
    (b) Mouse
    (c) Rabbit
    (d) Monkey
  2. Most ideal method of oocyte collection from ovaries is
    (a) Slicing of ovaries
    (b) Follicle aspiration
    (c) Follicle puncturing
    (d) None of the above
  3. Which of the following media is used for maturation of oocytes
    (a) DMEM
    (b) TCM-199
    (c) Ham’s F-10
    (d) Both b and c
  4. Which of the following is not supplemented with in vitro maturation media
    (a) Estradiol
    (b) FSH
    (c) LH
    (d) Progesterone
  5. Which of the following is the indicator of oocyte maturation
    (a) Presence of polar body in PVS
    (b) Cumulus expansion
    (c) Germinal vesicle break down
    (d) All of the above
  6. Which of the following chemical is not used for oocyte maturation
    (a) DMAP
    (b) Calcium ionophore
    (c) Caffeine
    (d) Both a and b
  7. Which technique holds promise in future for conservation of endangered species
    (a) Intraspecies cloning techniques
    (b) Interspecies cloning techniques
    (c) IVF
    (d) Both a and b
  8. Large offspring syndrome is associated with
    (a) IVF
    (b) Cloning
    (c) Both
    (d) None
  9. In cloning, donor somatic cells should be in which stage of cell cycle
    (a) G1
    (b) S
    (c) G2
    (d) G0
  10. Which embryo stage is preferred for embryo transfer in cloning protocols
    (a) Late blastocyst
    (b) Early blastocyst
    (c) Late morula
    (d) Both b and c
  11. Which of the following cloning technique renders zona pellucida intact
    (a) HMC
    (b) SCNT
    (c) Both
    (d) None
  12. Which of the following is embryo sexing method
    (a) HY antigens
    (b) PCR
    (c) G6PDH activity
    (d) All of the following
  13. Which of the following is transcriptional totipotent marker
    (a) OCT4
    (b) NANOG
    (c) SOX2
    (d) All of the following
  14. In cloning protocols while performing ennucleation which chemical is used for relaxing cellular cytoskeleton
    (a) Phytohaemagglutinin
    (b) Cytochalasin B
    (c) Pronase
    (d) Heparin
  15. Conducting a research trial on cloned animals is better than non-cloned animals due to
    (a) Easy availability
    (b) Absolute phenotypic control
    (c) Absolute genotypic control
    (d) Both b and c
  16. Which of the following is the first transgenic animal
    (a) Goat
    (b) Rabbit
    (c) Monkey
    (d) Mice
  17. Which of following is reprogramming enhancer used in cloned embryonic reconstruction
    (a) TSA
    (b) Heparin
    (c) SAHA
    (d) Both a and c
  18. In HMC cloning technique which enzyme is commonly used for digesting zona pellucida
    (a) Trypsin
    (b) Pepsin
    (c) Pronase
    (d) Hyaluronidase
  19. Which of the following species oocytes and embryos are highly susceptible to cryodamage
    (a) Sheep
    (b) Buffalo
    (c) Swine
    (d) Buffalo
  20. In ICSI the sperm is injected in
    (a) Nucleoplasm
    (b) Cytoplasm
    (c) Perivitelline space
    (d) None

1.(c) 2.(b) 3.(d) 4.(d) 5.(d) 6.(c) 7.(b) 8.(b) 9.(d) 10.(d) 11.(b) 12.(d) 13.(d) 14.(b) 15.(d) 16.(d) 17.(d) 18.(c) 19.(c) 20.(b)

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