Round Table Vets (Kerala)

Round Table Vets (Kerala) is the first social gathering of free and fun loving vet friends from all over Kerala, meeting annually for free talks and screw up spirits. Our meetings are an occasion for nostalgia- where you come across old friends, NRI friends, and famous friends and of courses our old gurus of college and other institutions. A variety of programmes are planned always to rejuvenate and enlighten; such as college jokes, MGR shows, American reports, Dubai and UAE reports, Pravasi shows, Rajasthan show, singsong, Dr Lazer music, College magazine and old photos exhibition, literary sessions, magic shows etc.

Round Table Vets is co-coordinated by Dr John Kuruvilla and presided by Dr Abraham Kurien. Cultural, literary, eco-friendly and Animal protection activities are also encouraged.

Cultural Activities

1. Conduct seminars and talks
2. Felicitation meetings to vets who excel in literary, photographic or cinemafields.
3. Conduct receptions to NRI or other vets, who excel in their fields. Recently a reception was given to Dr E P Krishna Menon, VMD, FRVCS, PhD (Prof and scientist USA), and Dr T G Chandramohan, CEO, Indo-Biocare Ltd (Baroda).
4. Promote All India tours

Animal Care and Eco-Protection Activities

1. Stay vigilant of sufferings of animals due to water pollution and man made environmental pollution.
2. Study the residual effects of pesticides in animals, fishes etc.
3. Promote eco- friendly activities with importance to animal life.
4. Conduct Nature Study Camps at Hill stations, forest stations and at costal belts to learn more about habitats and effects of environmental changes to different species of animals.
5. Study behavioral changes in elephants and other animals due to managerial defects or environmental changes and suggest remedial measures.
6. Critically study the effects of dams, hydro-electric projects and destruction of forests on endangered and threatened species of animals.
7. Actions against feeding of antibiotics and hormones to broilers and factory farming.
8. Draw attention to all the above activities and encourage Vet journalists to write in media, conduct talk shows, photo exhibitions and produce documentary films

One interesting proposal in the 07 annual meet was the creation of a “Veterinarians Village” in which veterinarians can live in separate huts or cottages with all modern amenities and continue cultural and village extension activities. Round Table Vets have already made a momentum in the minds of Kerala Vets and we look forward new rejuvenating projects to boost our spirits in lively and fully- immersed in world of entertainments.

Dr John Kuruvilla (Ph. 9947940124)

ROUND TABLE VETS in AKVNA meet at CHICAGO. Round Table Vets Dr Jacob Poulose, Dr E P Krishna Menon and Dr Joseph Luka have actively participated in the Annual meet of Association of Kerala Veterinarians in North America on 17 th july 2010. Mr  Mons Joseph (Ex-Kerala Minister for PWD) was the chief guest of the event. Photos  by  Dr. Lalu Luka, contributed by by Dr John Kuruvilla.

Photos of last Round Table Vets Meet held at Ganam Hotel, Ernakulam during April 2010. Scenes from Lakshadweep Photo Exhibition is also included. Photos kindly sent by Dr. John Kuruvilla.

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