Veterinary Microbiology Questionbank -1

Contributed by:
Dr. Mahesh M
Division of Avian Diseases
I.V.R.I, Izatnagar
Bareilly, UP 243122

1. Koch’s postulates was derived by using which bacterium ?
2. Kanagawa reaction is exhibited by…
3. Father of Microbiology
4. In presence of specific antibody, Streptococcus pneumoniae shows —— reaction .
5. Father of Bacteriology
6. Small pox vaccine was developed by ——–in the year1796.
7. A polymer of glycerol phosphate that is present only in  G+ bacteria cell wall
8. Rabies vaccine was first done on
9. Loeffler and Frosch shares the credit of discovery of——
10. The only anti TB drug that has the ability to destroy the acid fastness of Mycobacterium
11. The bacteria that is used to evaluate the phenol coefficient using Rideal Walker method
12. Mastitis causing Str.agalactiae and Str. dysgalactiae are classified as group —– and group—- respectively as per Lancefield classification.
13. The substance present normally in spores at high levels,but decreases during the favourable condition.
14. Greyish-white medusa head type of colony is shown by Bacillus anthracis in which medium ?
15. Chinese letter arrangement and metachromatin granules are features of …
16. Agent that causes Summer Mastitis
17. Growth of E.rhusiopathiae is favoured by which aminoacid ?
18. Tuberculous lesions are prominent in digestive tract rather than in respiratory tract in … ?
19. Etiological agent of Calf Diphtheria
20. Characteristic features of abortion in cattle caused by B.abortus
21.Type of vaccines used against brucellosis in  calves & cows.
22. Kennel Cough in dogs caused by … ?
23. Pasteurella, Yersinia and Listeria have one thing in common as part of their staining character.
24. Etiological agent of fowl coryza
25. Classification of Pasteurella species ?
26. The best medium for an enhanced growth of campylobacter
27. In Mc Konkeys agar,  E.coli produces ——— colonies whereas Salmonella produces ——
28. Ringer and Gillespie medium is used for the growth of ….
29. ‘Symptomatic anthrax is the synonym for….
30. Para anthrax in pigs is caused by ….
31. Gaint cells of Langhans are absent in T.B affecting which species ?
32. In H&E staining T.B calcification appear as……. color.
33. Epitheloid cells fuse to form syncytia and it enters ……….stage in Johne’s diseases.
34. Among domestic species ………. is most susceptible to anthrax.
35. Condition in sheeps under 1year of age,  affected by Cl.septicum due to toxaemia
36. Pulmonary Adenomatosis in sheeps by retrovirus is …….. whereas  Cl.botulinum type D infection in cattle is …..
37.Dunkop and Dikkop are forms of …….
38 Diagnostic test for E.I.A
39. Inclusion bodies in Fowl pox is …… and in cow pox is……..
40. Instrument used to perform the Polymerase Chain Reaction
41. Ulcerative enteritis in poultry caused by ……..
42. Infectious encephalomyelitis caused by Flavi virus transmitted by  ixodes ricinus.
43 Granules present within the Guarnieri body.
44.Synonym for Infectious bulbar paralysis caused by Herpes.
45. Two medium used for the growth of mycoplasma.
46. In McFaydean reaction ,color of organism and capsule ?
47. Bursitis in horse caused by Brucella abortus
48. The etiological agent of ‘Struck’ in sheep
49. Bottle brush appearance in Gelatin stab is growth feature of ………
50. Visna/Maedi in sheep is caused by………

1.Bacillus anthracis
2.Vibrio parahaemolyticum
3. Louis Pasteur
4. Quellung reaction
5. Robert Koch
6. Edward Jenner
7. Teichoic acid
8. Joseph Meister
9. FMD Virus
10. Izoniazid
11. Salmonella Typhi
12. B and C ; A is S. pyogenes
13. Calcium Dipicolinate
14. Nutrient Agar
15. Corynebacteria
16. Corynebacteria pyogenes
17. Tryptophan
18. Poultry
19. Fusobacterium Necrophorus
20. Necrotic placentitis and Leathery placenta
21. Strain 19 (living) and Strain 45/20(killed) respectively
22. Bordetella bronchiseptica
23. Bipolar staining
24. Haemophilus gallinarum
25. Robert’s and Carter’s serotyping
26. Thiol medium
27. Pink ; Colourless
28. Leptospira
29. Black Quarter
30. Clostridium septicum
31. Canines and Felines
32. Blue
33. Symplasma
34. Sheep
35. Braxy or Bradsot
36. Jaagsiekte ; Lamsiekte
37. African Horse Sickness
38. Coggin’s Test
39. Bollinger bodies ; Guarnieri bodies
40. Thermocycler
41. Clostridium colinum
42. Louping ill
43. Paschen’s granules
44. Psuedorabies/Mad Itch/Aujezky’s disease
45. PPLO Agar and Frey’s medium
46. Blue ; Pink
47. Poll Evil and Fistulous Withers
48. Clostridium perferinges Type C
49. Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae  and Clostridium perferinges
50. Retro virus

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